"i am wild."
be serious.

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You have license in front of the camera to do things, feel certain emotions that you don’t get to in real life. It can be addicting.

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I won’t be able to see the movie until this weekend, and I’m sure I will love it.

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The Phantom of the Opera...a mystery never fully explained
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For anyone who sees this going around, DO NOT CLICK ON IT. It is a screamer that is flashing and showing Jeff the Killer. Please pass this around so others who may have epilepsy or plain don’t want to see screamers do not click on that link. 

EDIT: That entire blog has posted multiple screamers and is in no way sorry for any harm they have caused to people!! please be warned!!

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How many people knew that Tumblr Pro was an April Fools joke but just really wanted a top hat for their icon?

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"You have to feel the ground. Feel your roots…Then you can feel the air, too. Then you can fly.”

Iron Patriot #1 by Ales Kot, Garry Brown, and Jim Charalampidis

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human beings in a mob

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i have not seen one photo of misha collins on my dash so far which means the fandom hasnt done something annoying today and i think thats the real april fools joke

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Loki Week: Day 1-Forms and costumes: Jotun!Loki

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Anonymous asked: orphan black


like„, bunch of clones of the same person that know each other but don’t know each other and pretty people all over??

also it’s british????

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